POLYBATCH Additives®
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Anti-Block  AB 5, AB 35 VT  for high transparency, thin gauge PE-film
   AB PP 05 for OPP(cast) film
Slip FSU 102 (E), FSU 150(E), FSU 105 E Combination of slip and anti-block for PE-films
  FSU 1010 E for high transparency PE-films
  CE 502 (E) CE 505 (E) Slip concentrates based on Oleamida or Erucamide
  SPER 6 for OPP(cast) film
Anti-Slip SAS for thin
  MAS, MAS 25 for heavy duty bags
Anti-Static VLA 55, VLA 66 for PE
  VLA 60 for high transparency meth film
  VLA 620 amin free for PE
  ASB 20 G, ASPA 2446 for PP
  APS 897 for PS
ASP 2000 Permanent Static Dissipative Alloy and is recommended for the production of mono- or coextruded inherently antistatic polyolefin articles (films, sheets, profiles, etc.)
Anti-Fogging AF 1082, AF 1085 for "cold fog" PE-films
UV-Stabilisers ACT 27, UVK 90 for PE
  PC 374 for PE coating applications
  BF UV 45 for HDPE injection moulding
  FPP UV 38 for PP
UV-Absorber UV 1402 C, UV 1402 W for semi-transparent PE-film
  UV 8590, AC 10531 N for transparent PE-film
IR-Reflectance IR 1515 for PE Greenhouse films
Anti-Oxidant AO 25 for thermal stabilisation of PE
Expandable U 8848 E, 8850 E for PE, PP, PS
Flame Retardant PR 50, PR 1049 DC for PE
  CA 600 N for PE coating applications
Bio/Photo NADEG 15 F for biologically degradable PE-film
  DEG 34 for photodegradable PE-film
Processing Aids AMF 702, AMF 705 HF for LD/LLD extrusion
Moisture Absornt AR 1168 for PE