DRT develops terpene types and pine resin, supplying more than 24 different industries, such as perfume industry. DRT has avidly promoted using sustainable processes, in all phases of its product life cycles. The company’s developers and research team are devoted to finding alternatives to oil-based products using plant-based chemistry. To further minimize the effect on the environment, DRT also recovers co-products, including those from the paper industry, and implements sustainable waste and biomass management policies in its production sites.

DRT the best of nature

Using raw materials extracted from pine trees, DRT produces rosin and terpene based derivatives for a number of applications such as perfumery, adhesives, chewing-gum, rubber, coatings and many more.
Resins have become an essential element in many formulations today. Leader in pine chemistry industry, DRT is constantly adapting its products to meet the new industrial, technical and economical needs of its customers.
DRT’s technical expertise in bio-based tackifying resins will enable tire compounders to improve tire performances and process properties to increase safety on the road for a better environment.

China Subsidiary

DRT Specialty Chemicals (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

DRT Specialty Chemicals (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is the first subsidiary invested by DRT (France) in China. Built in 2007. It has been specializing in the production of various series of DERMULSENETM  water – based tackfier and its products are mainly sold in China and Asia-pacific region and even exported to Europe and America.




DermulseneTM water based tackifier was used in water-based Adhesive industries broadly.