Anthea Aromatics Private Ltd.

Manufacturing a range of fragrance ingredients and intermediates. Also undertakes contract research and manufacturing for select Customers.

“Founded in 1991, The Anthea Group operates 4 manufacturing facilities located near Mumbai, India, producing a range of fragrance chemicals and intermediates. Anthea has a strong presence in the global market, with exports to North and South America, Europe and Asia accounting for a significant proportion of sales turnover.”

No Product Odor Type (note) Odor Description
1 Anthamber
(Iso E SuperTM of IFF)
Amber Smooth woody, velvety, amber note
2 Dihydromyrcenol Citrus Fresh, lime like, floral, sweet
3 Isolongifolanone
(PiconiaTM of IFF)
Woody Strong terpenic, woody
 4 Florether
(AntherTM of Givaudan)
 Floral A strong, floral hyacinth, with a green freshness
 5  Lilivol
(MajantolTM of Symrise)
 Floral Fresh, smooth, floral
6 4-Phenyl-4-Methyl-2 Pentanone
(VetikonTM of Kao)
 Rooty Rooty, Vetivert like with a nuance of gardenia
 7  Boisamber
(Boisambrene ForteTM of Kao)
Fruity Fresh, green, oily, gardenia grapefruit
8  Vetikol Acetate Fruity Fresh, green, oily, gardenia grapefruit
 9  Ethyl Safranate  Fruity Floral rose, fruity, apple spicy