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Belges Materials Supply Private Limited was established in 1992. Throughout these years, we have been recognized, as a responsible and reliable partner/ supplier of specialty additives and chemicals in the Asia pacific market, providing customers with solutions for their specific requirements and in time shipment deliveries.

We represent a variety of suppliers and products in multiple markets, like plastics additives (Masterbatches), Terpenes, aromatic chemicals, Heliotropin for flavours and fragrances, as well as pharmaceutical application. New technology for plastics optical and fiber products.

We also provide OEM services in our facilities.



Piperonal or Heliotropin is an extract of the sassafras tree that has been used for decades in the manufacture of flavors, fragrances and pharmaceutical drugs.

Natural Piperonal is a derivative of safrole, a naturally occurring aromatic biochemical obtained from botanical sources such as Cinamomum petrophilum and Sassafras albidum. However, production of Piperonal from Sassafras trees have been a major environmental concern due to rampant deforestation that affects manufacturing industries who utilises the product.

Crown Chemicals, after years of in-house research, made a scientific breakthrough and was able to come up with a synthetic variant of Piperonal manufactured from phenol. The product is white in color and is offered in a fine-crystalline/powdery form. The purity is almost 100%, which is responsible for the clean cherry/almond/vanilla note, free of by-odors. The Company is hopeful that the increasing use of its synthetic product will put an end to the widespread destruction of sassafras forests around the world.


Masterbatch are available in a wide range carrier of papermatch, polyblak, polywhite and polybatch.We’ve matched thousands of colors in virtually in any resin on the market. Our additive innovations and color-matching expertise are supported by the equipment and trained personnel at our Global Technology Centers.

A. Schulman is a global plastics supplier, headquartered in Fairlawn, Ohio. The organization provides plastic materials and resins, which are used as recyclable in many different markets. Its principal brands consist of proprietary and custom-formulated engineered plastic compounds, color concentrates and additives that are designed to enhance the appearance and performance of plastics in a range of specialized applications. Rather than being considered a plastics manufacturer by itself, the Company is in the plastic compounding business.


Terpenes are the main ingredients for many natural essences and essential oils. DRT offers an innovative range of terpene molecules, for fragrances and detergents.

DRT develops terpene types and pine resin, supplying more than 24 different industries, such as perfume industry. DRT has avidly promoted using sustainable processes, in all phases of its product life cycles. The company's developers and research team are devoted to finding alternatives to oil-based products using plant-based chemistry. To further minimize the effect on the environment, DRT also recovers co-products, including those from the paper industry, and implements sustainable waste and biomass management policies in its production sites.

Aromatic Chemicals

Premium quality aromatic chemicals for the fragrance industry.